Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Please Help a UD Senior's dream come true!

Please watch this New School Scholarship Video By Marina Momboisse and like the video! She is applying to and trying to attend Parsons New School for Photography. Please give this video a watch and support her!

If you had the ability of helping make someone's dream come true, why not do it?!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

UD Wrestling Takes First!

Congradulations to Upper Darby High School's own wrestling team for taking 1st place at the Vanguard Tournament Saturday Jan 17th. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

Advancement to Region Chorus!

CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS JENNIFER YOU, KATHRYN DIBONA & JUNIOR SHAWN WEAVER FOR ADVANCING TO REGION CHORUS - To be held at Marple Newtown High school on February 26th! We are all proud of their wonderful accomplishment!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Second annual UD Shakespeare competition!

On Thursday, January 8, 2015, UDHS English Dept. Chair Kelsey Bierling and Gifted Seminar teacher Jessica Baton hosted the second annual Upper Darby High School Shakespeare Competition, a qualifier for the Philadelphia Branch of the English Speaking Union's Shakespeare Competition. Participating students were tasked with choosing a monologue from one of Shakespeare's plays and performing it dramatically on stage. Students were prohibited from using costumes or props, so their acting ability could truly shine. Hedgerow Theater Company members Lily Dwoskin and Susan Wefel served as judges. Freshman Cleo Hoey came in first place for her recitation of one of Juliet's monologues from Romeo and Juliet. The following students came in second place, third place, and honorable mention respectively: William Irving, Sophia Desko, and Mallory Perry. Cleo will go on to perform her monologue and recite a selected sonnet at the Philadelphia competition on February 16, 2015 at Adrienne Theater.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Drumming Up Funding

Hey everyone,

Please take a moment and read the article about the Drumline in "The Inquirer"!!!


Day On, Not Off

On January 19, 2015, a group of 85+ students, teachers, and parents joined together for the Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day at Upper Darby High School. Students and parents helped clean and paint the bathrooms, as well as dust the windows and display cases. We were also joined by member of House of Representatives, James R. Santora and Mayor Thomas N. Micozzie that afternoon. As well as our superintendent Dr. Richard Dunlap as they all thanked us for our services.
Thank you again to all who helped Upper Darby High School, your help is much appreciated!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Samsung App Contest Winner!

Congratulations Evan Doherty for getting 2nd place in the Samsung app academy!! Another award that was well deserved. Jealous of the literal size of the check!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Heroes Live Forever

"As school budgets tighten, new sources of income have become necessary to continue to provide important programs and services. The Upper Darby Arts & Education Foundation is a nonprofit corporation formed to improve the quality of educational and cultural programs in the Upper Darby School District. The Foundation provides a means for those who support our schools to contribute directly to the educational programs offered to our students."
Source: http://udfoundation.org/

This year, the Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation's annual Gala's theme will be "Heroes Live Forever". The Gala showcases students from every school in the district and their musical talents. The foundation production team needs your help! If you have anyone in your life that you consider a hero, whether they'd be a teacher, staff member, parent, community member, student/classmate... please consider writing a short paragraph or blur about that person. Tell us why this person is your hero and how they've impacted your life or even our Upper Darby Community. We would like to (hopefully) honor these heroes at the Gala on January 17th, 2015.

 Please email any letters to: voicesofud@gmail.com

If you would like to attend the Gala, and support's Upper Darby's finest... please visit the Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation website: http://udfoundation.org/ !

First Home Wrestling Meet!

Hey everyone! Come out to Upper Darby High School and support the wrestlers at their first home meet! Everyone is encouraged to come, I promise you all its gonna be a great season!