Sunday, November 30, 2014

District Chorus

Congratulations to the eleven members of the UDHS choral department who were placed on the District Chorus:  

Chris Biviens

Kathryn DiBona

Sharrell Donatien

Derron Harris

Jon Huynh

Johnny Ley

Sean McWilliams

Diane Portugal

Makoto Saitoh

Shawn Weaver

Jenn You

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homecoming 2014

This year's homecoming, "Music Royalty", was a huge success thanks to our participants at Upper Darby High School. Congratulations to our homecoming queen, Bridget Johnson, and king, Andrew Proctor!! As well as the winners of the homecoming dance competition, the class of 2015! We're so proud of our seniors as well as the other classes who presented an amazing show to our community last night! Thanks to all who came out to support our students, we hope to see you soon at future UD events!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Please take a second out of your day to vote for none other than Upper Darby and its Varsity Football Team's game against Haverford to be the Game of the Week on Thanksgiving day! It should be a fantastic game, and we wouldn't want people to be missing it! Vote vote vote!!!!


"In the Heights"

Congratulations to those who have made the cast list for the Upper Darby musical, "In the Heights"! We can't wait to see you guys in the spotlight!

Tis the week of spirit!

Happy Spirit Week UD! As homecoming night quickly approaches, students are working hard in class before they leave for break as well as having some fun for spirit week! On Monday, the high school kicked off with a blast from the past! Students and staff dressed in different outfits from different decades! 

Today, fittingly enough, the school went twin crazy for Twin Tuesday! Even the staff had a little fun (: 

Districts! Intrumental Amazement

Upper Darby High School is proud to annouce that 3 of our wonderfully talented students placed at District Band and Orchestra for the 2014-2015 school year!

Congratulations to Christopher Stanczak for Tenor Saxophone, Ikechi Onyenaka for Clarinet and Abbey Liu for Violin! 

 We are so excited to see how far these students will go on their to States! 

 We are also proud to report that Immanuel Wilkins got accepted to play in the Grammy Band for a second year in a row!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Some love for Lucy Ashton

Taylor Swift, a sensation in the entertainment and music industry, has reached out to one of our very own students. Lucy Ashton is like any other child at Upper Darby; she is an honor roll student and participates in the performing arts here at the high school. But overnight, Lucy has become a mini sensation herself. Throughout all social media, Lucy has been recognized by the one and only Taylor Swift. Being the big T.Swift fanatic that she is, Taylor thought it was fitting to ship a package filled with lovely gifts to Lucy for the holidays. In simple words, Ms. Ashton was more than humbled to be able to receive something so touching from the person she idolizes the most. But it doesn't stop there. During the American Music Awards, Lucy was showcased in Taylor Swift's video that was showcased all over the nation. I would think it's fitting to say that Lucy Ashton and Taylor Swift are pretty much best friends.


UD DANCE-A-THON was a huge success! Thank you to all the students that came out and supported the event and also to everyone that sponsored a student to go! Students started rolling in through the doors on around 7 P.M, Friday night for some awesome fun! Given it was pretty chilly outside, it was rough signing people in by the door but it was totally worth it! Little by little, people started coming through the doors and before we knew it we had over 400 participants at Thon! Students were given the option to of course, dance or, participate in the raffle drawling, eat the tons of pizza we had, or even enjoy a nice movie in the movie room! The kids of FBLA and DECA would like to thank all the adults at the event to watch over it and keeping us safe, and definitely for cleaning up after us after 12 long hours.

Please enjoy some of the pictures taken at Upper Darby's first Dance-A-Thon!

Upper Darby does it the best. I promise.

This was only half of the pizza consumed during Thon xD

Here is a picture of some students being imaginative and playful with the decorations at Thon!

Who needs sleep when you can ball?! #4AMstatus

Don't be ashamed if you took a nap during Thon, because I know I had to xD


Enjoy a movie with us if you're a little tired!

Coffee, Gym Mats and Iron Man.. It was a good break from the dancing.

Representing the class of 2016, Thanks for coming out and supporting!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

DECA Food Drive Huge Success

"Members of DECA volunteered to help package and deliver holiday baskets today at the Cardington Fire Company. As a school we collected over 400 items which was a HUGE success. We were so successful that we are able to use the collected food items for the Christmas food drive as well. Upper Darby Township families that are in need were filled with joy today when they received their basket."
- Upper Darby High School Senior,
  Bridget Johnson

Congratulations on making a difference Royals, keep it up!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homecoming for the class of 2015

Congratulations to all the seniors selected for the class of 2015's homecoming court! Upper Darby is proud to have all these great students represent the school in a positive, proactive way and we are confident that you all will have successful and bright futures after Upper Darby! Congratulations again!

Join DECA in creating some holiday spirit!

You can make the difference!

DECA will be collecting food items from the students of Upper Darby High School to help out families in Upper Darby Township!

DECA will send our school donations to the Upper Darby Cardington Fire Company and they will then be packaged and delivered to families in need for the Thanksgivin Holiday.

If anyone would be willing to help this great cause, please drop all food items off in the school store (Which can be found in the cafeteria) or the main desk with a note addressed to Nick Meehan. 

Thank you for making a difference!


Every year Penn State throws a grant old dance party in supports of the Four Diamonds. People all over the world marvel at how influential this event is and how much they are able to raise for the charity every year. Last year, they broke their previous record of $10.69 million dollars with the new total of $12,374,034.46! Upper Darby is looking to follow in these great footsteps by hosting their own local thon at the Upper Darby High School on November 21st, 2014 from 7 P.M to 7 A.M. The event is opened too student of Upper Darby High School. If you aren't a current student and would like to donate, please contact us @ or The tickets to get into Thon are $15, and if you dont want a shirt with your ticket, its only $10. All our OUR proceeds will be going to the Twilight Wish Foundation.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Coming soon...

Coming soon to Upper Darby High School...The Student Leadership Summit... 

Stay tuned for details...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brrr, Winter is near! So are Winter Sports!

Congratulations to all Fall Sports teams this year! You all had fantastic seasons, and Upper Darby is so proud to have kids like you guys!

Tomorrow; November 17th, 2014 will be the first day of Winter Sports! Good luck to everyone at tryouts, or getting back in the game! Stay bundled up and make Upper Darby proud! To the Seniors, Happy Last Winter Season! Make this the best season you've had so far! 

Blue Sea of Blue Shirts

Students at the high school all congregated in wearing blue shirts on Friday, November 14th,  in honor of diabetes awareness. Times like this, when over 3,000 kids unite in one cause and attempting to be a positive influence in the community, makes me proud to be an Upper Darby student. Kids around this age between 14-19 rarely think about worldly problems such as diabetes, what it is and what it does to someone. I thought it was awesome that the entire school wore blue shirts to spread awareness to people who are not as informed as they'd like to be, and from that we all learned something; whether it was facts about diabetes, or wearing a blue shirt to join the movement, it was beautiful.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Upper Darby High School: The Student Perspective

"Upper Darby High School is unique. If you were to drive 15 minutes up the road you find a community that is completely different from ours. Our school is the only place where you can learn how to survive in a big, diverse world because that is exactly what we are. The opportunities you get here are a blessing with the many clubs and classes you can take. But let's not forget all the amazing teachers here who have definitely shaped the minds of many and impacted our lives for the better."

"I love the community of UDHS. When you meet the right teachers and students in the building, you're bound to have a great time everyday."

"I love all the classes that this school offers. With so many people, it provides different class opportunities and levels for all students."

"I love how most of the staff is friendly and willing to help you. Our school is diverse that you never feel left out about anything."

"The individual groups within in the school that share a common interest and strive for the best/reach their purpose."

"•The amount of diversity within our student body
•Vigorous honors/AP curriculum that rivals private high schools
•Gifted, hardworking music program
•Majority of students are funny, kind, and hardworking"

"All the high spirits everyone has, there's a certain energy in the school."

"Upper Darby is probably one of the only schools not in just delco but probably in the country you can see a new face everyday. It is so diverse and just a so well rounded school. We have so many good activities that go on throughout our school walls that no one would no about because of the one percent presenting us on the front page of the news paper."

"The diversity, I am an Upper Darby alumni and now at college I couldn't be more happy with my years at UD. Meeting some new college friends I finally got the chance to realize how judgmental some people can really be and I am proud to walk around and feel comfortable and welcoming to every culture."

"I would just like to say that I love Upper Darby and I could not imagine being anywhere else."

"I love this school and we deserve much better than we are portrayed."

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rotary Club Student Honorees

        Congratulations to three Upper Darby High School seniors; Iftekhar Rahman(left), Eric Guzy(middle), and Aasma Hossain(right) for being selected as the Upper Darby-Lansdowne Rotary Club's students of the month for November. On 11-12-14 the three seniors traveled to Drexelbrook to enjoy a wonderful lunch, introduce themselves to the current Rotarians, and tell more about who they are. They also met the student representatives from Penn Wood High School as well as Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast.

        We personally would like to thank the Rotary club for all they contribute to our community, for without them this honor would not be able to have been presented to the students who really put there heart into service, and academics  at and around Upper Darby.

        Congratulations again students, and  we are anxious to report on next months honorees!

What's so great about Upper Darby High School?

Follow up with the Voices of Upper Darby Team this Friday, November 14th, 2014 as we start to post real life feedback from students, alumni and Upper Darby residents of why they love Upper Darby High School! We are so excited to start posting all the positive comments we've received about the school. It is important to remind everyone and even ourselves how lucky we are to be in such a unique, diverse, awesome district. 

Operation Royal Pride Winners

Congratulations to this month's operation royal pride winners! You get it, you're in! Thank you for doing the right thing all the time and making Upper Darby an awesome place to be!