Friday, November 14, 2014

Upper Darby High School: The Student Perspective

"Upper Darby High School is unique. If you were to drive 15 minutes up the road you find a community that is completely different from ours. Our school is the only place where you can learn how to survive in a big, diverse world because that is exactly what we are. The opportunities you get here are a blessing with the many clubs and classes you can take. But let's not forget all the amazing teachers here who have definitely shaped the minds of many and impacted our lives for the better."

"I love the community of UDHS. When you meet the right teachers and students in the building, you're bound to have a great time everyday."

"I love all the classes that this school offers. With so many people, it provides different class opportunities and levels for all students."

"I love how most of the staff is friendly and willing to help you. Our school is diverse that you never feel left out about anything."

"The individual groups within in the school that share a common interest and strive for the best/reach their purpose."

"•The amount of diversity within our student body
•Vigorous honors/AP curriculum that rivals private high schools
•Gifted, hardworking music program
•Majority of students are funny, kind, and hardworking"

"All the high spirits everyone has, there's a certain energy in the school."

"Upper Darby is probably one of the only schools not in just delco but probably in the country you can see a new face everyday. It is so diverse and just a so well rounded school. We have so many good activities that go on throughout our school walls that no one would no about because of the one percent presenting us on the front page of the news paper."

"The diversity, I am an Upper Darby alumni and now at college I couldn't be more happy with my years at UD. Meeting some new college friends I finally got the chance to realize how judgmental some people can really be and I am proud to walk around and feel comfortable and welcoming to every culture."

"I would just like to say that I love Upper Darby and I could not imagine being anywhere else."

"I love this school and we deserve much better than we are portrayed."

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