Sunday, November 23, 2014


UD DANCE-A-THON was a huge success! Thank you to all the students that came out and supported the event and also to everyone that sponsored a student to go! Students started rolling in through the doors on around 7 P.M, Friday night for some awesome fun! Given it was pretty chilly outside, it was rough signing people in by the door but it was totally worth it! Little by little, people started coming through the doors and before we knew it we had over 400 participants at Thon! Students were given the option to of course, dance or, participate in the raffle drawling, eat the tons of pizza we had, or even enjoy a nice movie in the movie room! The kids of FBLA and DECA would like to thank all the adults at the event to watch over it and keeping us safe, and definitely for cleaning up after us after 12 long hours.

Please enjoy some of the pictures taken at Upper Darby's first Dance-A-Thon!

Upper Darby does it the best. I promise.

This was only half of the pizza consumed during Thon xD

Here is a picture of some students being imaginative and playful with the decorations at Thon!

Who needs sleep when you can ball?! #4AMstatus

Don't be ashamed if you took a nap during Thon, because I know I had to xD


Enjoy a movie with us if you're a little tired!

Coffee, Gym Mats and Iron Man.. It was a good break from the dancing.

Representing the class of 2016, Thanks for coming out and supporting!

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