Monday, February 9, 2015

Update from the Grammys!

While most of Upper Darby’s seniors were busy with assignments and cramming for tests… Immanuel Wilkins had a busy week of his own… just not in Upper Darby, but in California. Immanuel had a fantastic week at grammy band camp, had the opportunity to record in Capitol Records which is the home of Katy Perry, Sam Smith and tons of other super stars. He also had the opportunity to play with NEYO, Recorded WITH the 4 grammy winner Sam Smith, walked on the red carpet for 20 whole minutes and had a nice conversation with Neil Patrick Harris. Immanuel even exchanged a causal head nod with Kanye West after a long day of recording. During the Grammys, I couldn’t resist from posting on my Facebook “I can only imagine what Immanuel feels right now… he is breathing Beyonce air at the moment, literally.” Well, now we all know what he probably felt like. Immanuel is currently on a plane flying home right now and will be in school first thing in the morning! What a trooper! Upper Darby is so proud of you!!

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