Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Royals Take On Raiders: Who Was Victorious?

Royals Take On Raiders!

Upper Darby football recently faced a school with one of the top sports programs in the state on September 25th at Memorial Stadium. The lights were on, the crowd was cheering and tension grew with each touchdown,  movement, and throw. The hearts of the people on the stands were racing and only increased in speed with time. Each minute faster and faster as the opposing team slowly caught up.

The crying and anger that came afterwards when students saw their school lose was what really made the night. The crying and angry faces came from Ridley students after Upper Darby showed them what team really runs Delaware County. Royals won with an impressive 32-29. It was a close game but, Ridley's Raiders were no match for the talent and royalty of Upper Darby High School. Way to go Royals!

By Yosibeth Torres
Photos by Kristine Tassanapark

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