Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Win of the Season for the Upper Darby Drumline

The Upper Darby Indoor Drumline of 2015 proudly debuted their show "A Celebration of Life!" this past Saturday at their first competition! Their show, is a story of Chinese girl we meet at a young age, the problems she experiences in life and the gift that life truly is. They brought home a first place win with a score of 76.1!

"Even though the Chinese are superstitious, we don't believe in luck. We believe in preparation meeting opportunity"
      -Jon Loelinger 

Way to go Royals! #UDDL

The 2015 show logo Designed by Lisa Ta

UDDL's Super 5 

Also congratulations for achieving and exceeding their goal of fundraising $15,000. They would like to thank all who have helped them in their journey as well everyone supporting them on their way to Dayton!

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