Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"It's a Christmas miracle"

What a beautiful, truthful, and humanistic day it was for Upper Darby High School. The worries of one of our Upper Darby families, whose house was tragically lost in a fire, were hopefully dulled as true generosity was shown today. A donation request was put out to raise money for the family this morning. With students going from class to class with envelopes, to money drop offs at the student's centers, we as a school were able to donate a check for over $4,000 to the family in need. What a beautiful moment it was when the mother of the family was embraced by some of our students, letting her know that there will always be a support base for her no matter what the occurrence. A true moment of humanity was shown by our Royals today, and what an unforgettable moment it was. 

Thank you again to all who donated! 

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