Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Personal Thank You From Maggie Ho on - "The Christmas Miracle"

I can't believe Upper Darby. People are missing out if they have even thought about leaving this gem. Today, the entire Upper Darby High School came together and helped raised $4,000 IN ONE DAY... for the family that lost their home to a fire. THAT'S INSANE. One of the coolest parts was when we were collecting during the change from 2nd block to 3rd block... we raised over $1,300 in that 5 minutes. The hearts of our students and staff cannot be compared to any other. It was truly, a Christmas miracle. God blessed Gerald,EricMelissa and I with the opportunity to have been able to present the mother the check... and we cried. We cried, Mr. Roth cried... everyone was just.. taken away by how amazing this whole day was. Seeing the hope restored back into the mother's eyes was all I need for Christmas. Thanks to everyone that donated, emptying backpacks as they're walking down the hall, throwing money at me, dealing with me... it was all a dream. Kids in everyone classroom sacrificing the change that they had, their lunch money, shopping money, money they just got from Christmas exchanges... all the money was dumped into a bucket and never looked at again. No one ever thought twice about donating to help this family. No one ever stopped to think "Hey... I kinda wanna go shopping later.. so maybe another day". NONE OF THAT! I HAVE NEVER SEE SO MANY SELFLESS PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. People were hunting me down all day, in every class, through the hallways, my email.. what ever it took to get the money where it needed to be. I had 20 dollar bills thrown at my face left and right all day, and seeing all of it going to save a family's holiday spirit this Christmas was just unbelievable. Thank you again and again and again. This is what Christmas is all about, its not about us, the gifts we receive, how much snow we'll see in the morning... but the feeling of giving to others who have nothing while you have everything. I am at lost for words now, I have cried so many tears of joy today...Just thank you. Amen and Amen.

- Maggie

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