Monday, December 1, 2014

Family Coming Home

This past Wednesday, as students raced through their classes in readiness for the start of the holiday season... familiar faces walked through the halls of Upper Darby once again. Current students just can't wait to get a back from their demanding studies, but past students were edger to come back and experience high school all over again. Little by little, alumni walked through the front door, checked in at the security desk and started their visits. Some alumni even forgot how crowded the halls were during bells, but it did bring back good memories I'm sure. As students walked to class then seeing the familiar faces in the halls once again, you could see faces light up all the way down the hall! I was lucky enough to get a picture during choir! 51 alumni came back to visit Mrs.Benglian and the current 2014-2015 choir. Each student gave a little word of advice for the future but also expressed how dearly they missed being in our positions. At the end of the day, Upper Darby held its yearly Alumni Tea. It was a fantastic start to the holiday season! 


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